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The taste of Portugal at Bairrada

Over 50 signature dishes to choose from. C
all your local restaurant to check availability.

Oven baked Codfish / Bacalhau assado no Forno A Portuguese classic for over 500 years. Following the ancient fishermen method of preserving fish by salting it, in order to make it last through the long journeys across the ocean. The cod is rehydrated and roasted to perfection. To compliment this delicious dish, the Bacalhau purists serve it with roast potatoes and onions.
Stewed Goat / Chanfana de CabritoTypical recipe from the innermost region of Beira Litoral, dominated by Serra da Lousã, its origin is ancient and lost in time. The goat is marinated and slow braised in red wine and herbs. This recipe is very traditional and widespread all throughout Portugal. Enjoy with a glass of full-bodied red wine.
Codfish "Gomes Sa" Style / Bacalhau a Gomes SaCasserole of codfish, onions and potatoes topped with olives and boiled egg slices. It is a speciality from the northern city of Porto, being today popular throughout Portugal, and is considered one of Portugal's greatest bacalhau recipes. Gomes de Sá was the son of a rich nineteenth century merchant (apparently he dealt in cod) in Porto. The family fortune dwindled and the son had to find a job at the famous restaurant Restaurante Lisbonense in downtown Porto. It was there that he created the now famous recipe.
Oven baked Halibut / Halibut assado no FornoSimilar to the Portuguese Bacalhau, Halibut assado no forno brings a variation to this traditional dish. The Halibut is salt-dried to preserve flavor and it its soaked for rehydration. Once the fish is ready it is slow cooked to perfection. The result is a tender baked fish full of flavor that will surely impress any Bacalhau lover. Enjoy with baked potatoes and olives.
Sautéed Pork with Clams / Carne de Porco a AlentejanaIt is typical from the Alentejo region, in Portugal, hence the word Alentejana (from Alentejo) in its name. The pork is marinated in white wine, paprika and herbs; then fried until golden brown. To finish off this fantastic dish the pork is topped with clams and served in white wine, tomato and herb sauce. Some people refer to this dish as the Portuguese Surf n' Turf. Surely one not to be missed out on.
"Bairrada" Style Pork / Leitao a BairradaTraditional of the Bairrada region of Portugal, it has also been named as one of the countries 7 gastronomical wonders. A whole pig is filled with garlic, herbs and lard; then spit-roasted on a very low heat for hours. The result is juicy, and very,very tender pork meat, with that unique Bairrada flavor. One of Portuguese cuisine's biggest prides, make sure you try it on your next visit.

our Tips: Portugal. Go deeper.

Portugal is possibly Europe's most diverse and beautiful country, and as Britain's longest standing ally, it's also one of the oldest.

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I don't know if it is a dream, or if it is truth. If it is a mixture of dream and life that land so smooth.
Fernando Pessoa

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